Bindu's Bindis cover

BINDU’S BINDIS, art by Parvati Pillai, (Sterling, March 2, 2021), is about a young girl named Bindu who loves to match the shape of her bindi to her Nani’s. When Nani visits from India, it’s just in time to wear something new to the school talent show. Bindu and Nani work together to shine their brightest and embrace their sparkle, even when they stand out from the crowd.

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A beautiful intergenerational tale” – Kirkus Reviews

…the ending is both realistic and uplifting, tying together a storyline that strikes an expert balance between drama and humor.” – Kirkus Reviews

With warm storytelling and dazzling art, Kelkar and Pillai welcome readers into Bindu’s world.” – School Library Journal

[A] sweet story of a little girl who just wants to be herself.” – Booklist

This #OwnVoices entry offers solutions as well as a healthy dose of joy.” – School Library Journal